Why We Ride

and why do we make these clothes?

Two Wheels for Life


Why do we ride? The short answer: for the fun.

Why do we make these clothes? The short answer: we just had a daughter and the market for bad ass baby bike clothes is sparse. 

The long answers: We really do ride for the fun. There is hardly anything more satisfying than sending it off of a sweet lip and catching sick air or ripping around a corner and listening to the tires buzz. That being said, one of the few things more satisfying than riding bikes is being a parent. We just had a beautiful healthy little girl who is already growing up so fast, and while baby clothes may be outgrown quickly, those memories will last forever (especially in this day and age when our phones can take such good photos). Of course, daddy wanted to dress up his baby girl up in some sick bike gear, but wow there is really nothing that cool out there. Being an avid bike rider for 20+ years now, daddy knows that there are inside jokes and slang specific to bike culture. We made BiciBaby to speak with this bike culture all around the globe. BiciBaby captures the essence of that 'on your bike' feeling through snarky comments and funny sayings just like those that get thrown around while you are with your riding crew. Your baby might not know that 'on the bike' feeling yet, but as soon as she comes into the world, she is part of the riding crew.



Message from the CEO (our 2.5 year old daughter):

BiciBaby clothes are designed and crafted by a mommy and daddy, husband and wife team, that reports directly to me, the CEO. When I was in the oven, and since I have joined the world, we have discovered a serious void in bad ass baby clothes. BiciBaby was founded to fill that void and create bad ass baby clothes for me and other little shredders all around the globe. Sure, there are tons of cute baby clothes out there, but these are made especially for the future pros.